Alone in the Dark

Christian Slater and Tara Reid star in this unintentionally hilarious adaptation of the once popular video-game series. Horribly written, badly acted, poorly shot and nonsensical, Uwe Bol couldn’t have missed the point of the series his film is based on harder, even if the point was in a different solar-system.


Gerard Butler and a cavalcade of celebrity cameos, including Keith David, John Leguizamo and Terry Crews, try their hardest, but they just can’t save this disaster of a film. “Gamer” is a film so insulting and degrading to video-game culture and the world at large, and it’s a wonder how anybody involved could have looked at such an abhorrent, awful film and seen fit to charge people money to see it.

Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich stars in this serviceable, if uninspired take on the blockbuster video-game franchise. It’s got some cool effects, some decent direction, and a b-movie feel to it (that might be unintentional), but “Resident Evil” is too lacking in originality and fun, to make it worth recommending.